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Birthdate:Oct 2
Name: Nicholas Brocklehurst
DOB: 02-10-19XX
Height: 1.83m (6ft)
Nationality: British
Party: None
Status: Alive
Occupation: Director of the Piaculum Palace (Special Agent)
Dept: N/A (Military Intelligence, Section 6)
Arsenal: Firearms, Surveillance, Razr
Relationship:Married, March 2008
City Arrival: July 2007

Once served as the Counsellor of External Affairs for the British Embassy in Washington, D.C. He was deposited in the City by unknown means while traveling to Paris. He and his former employer Rosiel have civilly parted ways, resulting in Palace Operations falling directly under Nicholas' command, but he still greatly prefers the position of embedded spook over exposed leadership. It's hard to distinguish exactly whom he serves; Nicholas is not interested in moral implications so much as political and diplomatic outcomes. His moral compass is adjusted to ends, not means.

The State Within
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